Did the RAM limits change for Home edition for 16.05.2 to 4GB?

Did the limits for RAM on Home edition get changed with SFOS 16.05.2 MR2? I'm only seeing 4GB after update. Still only showing 4GB after rolling back to SFOS 16.05.1 MR-1. I was seeing 6GB usable before upgrade.

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    I have just upgraded a Test VM from 16.05.1.MR-1 to 16.05.3.MR3.SFW-183

    VM had 2 CPUs and 8GB assigned to it. (VMWorkstation)



    last reboot and look - Memory limit has changed! Sophos, I find it hard that you cannot replicate this issue, even in a VM Environment.



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    Hi All,

    We haven't received any volunteer to provide us both, Access ID and the SSH access to their appliance for investigation. Our Dev Team cannot really proceed further until we find a machine to troubleshoot, that has this issue ongoing.


    I am in my second day of using XG, not sure what an access ID is or where to get it, but if you DM me instructions I will provide for my bridge mode XG running on tin.

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    I just messaged them and offered to give remote access.

    Did they take your offer and actually look?   Any feedback?  .. at least acknowledging that there is a problem.


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    Yes they are looking into it, I just enabled SSH on my WAN so they could connect, I had already given them support token access last week.



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    Any updates on this issue from Sophos, its been a long time and the issue has not been resolved.