SNMP issues After update to 17.5.9-MR9

Hello everyone, 

I need some help with this, about few days our firewall (SOPHOS XG 210) was reporting all the Bw traffic level, but after the upgrade to v17.5.9-MR9 it lost all the informatión and our monitoring server _(ZABBIX) not receiving any graphic information.


I did a snmpquery to it but i see that lost the SNMP MIB information:



I remove all configurations, then i configure a new community and the firewall traffic is not filtered.


This was working before the update.


Any ideas?.

  • Hi  

    Have to tried booting back to the old firmware to see if the issue persists?

    What version did you upgrade from?

    Please go into the "advance console" section and post the output of command: service -S


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    Hello KingChris,

    Thank you for the reply, here is the output of the service -S command:


    We have updated from the v17.5.8-MR8 to v17.5.9-MR9.

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    Thanks for this.

    It seems that all services are operating normally.

    Have you tried rolling back to the previous firmware?

    If rolling back to previous firmware shows your SNMP information back again, then please log a support case so that our team can determine what happened with the MiB in MR9.


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    Hello KingChris,

    I´ve doing some resolutions, today i did the snmp query to the firewall again and this starts showing all the information of MIB, but is very weird because yesterday the firewall doesn't show any information...mostly when performed snmpwalk to it with -M sentence all information is that the module not exists.


    Yesterday information from zabbix to sophos xg 210:


    Today query to XG 210:


    So, i don't know what happens now ... :/


    Waiting for your early reply,


    Best regards!

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    That is very strange to say the least.

    Keep it under monitoring for a few weeks with reboots in between and see if the issue re-appears.


  • In reply to KingChris:

    V18 will actually update the SNMP to V3 and give you a new MIB.