Sophos Firewall XG install an iso from a bootable CD onto an early 2009 Mac Mini stalled by usb keyboard not being recognised?

I am trying to install sophos firewall xg onto an early 2009 mac mini and get to the installation part but at that time the mac doesn't recognise the usb on which the keyboard is connected to, so I cannot answer YES and complete the install. Please kindly advise?

I did attempt using rufus and also Etcher on a usb but to no avail. Instead I burned a cd rom for the install.


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  • Hoi,

    do you have a second NIC installed?


  • In reply to rfcat_vk:

    Thank you for your question Ian.

    I have connected the network cable in at the back where it would normally go and then also connected a firewire plug that has a female end that also allows a network cable to be attached. 

    Would that be sufficient or would I require an additional network card?

    I would be thinking that the mac mini would act as a "bridge"and be able to cope.

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    Hi Bob,

    for most installations you need two NICs that the installer can see and has drivers for. If you install a VM then install the X over the top you can trick it into thinking it has two NICs. There is also another post somewhere about how to install the XG with one NIC, but personally I think that is just pretending to have internet security. If you do get it working I would be interested to try out my MAC mini 2009 as well.

    The USB drivers probably load from the MAC software and the XG possibly does not overwrite them correctly.Have you tried changing the disk on the mini?