Home License Hardware recommendation

Hi everybody,

do you have any (recent) recommendations for hardware for the usage of the Sophos XG Home license? I would prefer something pre-assembled and with a power consumption that stays below 15-20 W in idle. From the connection point of view, 5 or more gigabit Ethernet ports would be required. Concerning the computation resources, I would prefer 4 to 6 GB of RAM and at least two CPU cores, better 4. Does anybody of you have something in use that you can recommend?


  • I suggest you use Open-source computing hardware, it is great hardware so far, I personally use this and it's good for me I bought it from Reecoupons by using Online coupons, and also use two CPU, in one CPU it will not work properly.

  • Hi Julia,

    depends on where you live?

    In the US and UK you can order small quad core units with 4 gigabyte ethernet interfaces, 8gb of ram (6 only will be used). Make sure the NICs are NOT 219 type because they are not compatible.

    I bought a unit from China. The only down side is they are not expandable. As a home user go for the 4 cores, real cores not hyper threading.

    There are units that have many ports, but most of those have non XG compatible NICs or those of lower performance.

    Mine came from Aliexpress.


  • Hi Julia,
    as described here, a Intel Celleron J1900 can be used (quad-core) for home usage, 8GB RM and 128GB SSD.
    5 or more Gbit Ports ??? what is your ISP connection speed ? :)
    in my mind, use a 8 port switch (e.g. ProSafe Plus GS108E-300PES) to connect to the XG device and configure one secure network for management the infrastructure and another for all family members :)

    Example of the device at amazon