Building New System

Been Using Sophos UTM for some time, and now Sophos XG 17 on a old homebuild system.

Would like to upgrade that.

What would be a good mainboard thats works with it
Or is the Pondesk Intel-J1900 mor then enhough for my home Use

  • Hi,

    really depends on your internet connection, the number of users and the number of firewall and places you create.

    Home use XG is 4 CPUs and 6GB of ram.

    If you just want to build and leave alone then J1900 will be more than adequate. Some of those chips are getting a bit old and don't have all the new features. I have only seen a large range of fanless devices using the older model chips. 


  • In reply to rfcat_vk:

    YOu say "Some of those chips are getting a bit old and don't have all the new features"

    So won 't i be better off with some newer hardware.

    Or you have some info on a working mainboard for Sophos XG

  • In reply to VenimK:

    Most of the fables boards I have reviewed are using 2013 chips. The newer chips have additional security function inbuilt while the older chips rely on software to do the same function.

    Some of the Sophos lower models use J1900 or similar.

    No, I am saying that the hardware design is getting a little dated, but if you are a set it and leave type of guy, they will work very well for you. If you are a fiddler like me and experiment a lot with fine tuning and other tests then the J1900 GUI will be tooo slow. The GUI is supposed to be fixed in V18 later this year early next year.