XG105 freezes pretty regularly firmware 17.5 and below

XG105 freezes pretty regularly, not able to ping and no web gui. Pull power to get unit back online.

Scenario XG105 is in client’s office behind an adtran router for their phone system. As often as every day or so it freezes and needs to be power cycled or as long as a week or more before this needs to be done.

Troubleshooting, spoke with manager of Adtran to see if they could be sending a hot signal in or anything out of the ordinary. They say NO. Thinking this has to be the adtran circuit we order another cable circuit and dedicate the internet to the data only. And yet it still locks up.

Ok it’s something in the local lan something freezing the XG a bad switch port? A server or a backup server throwing a hot signal. (I know unlikely but have to do my due diligence).

All this time we had their original router around a Zyxel and that never failed.

So here is what I did to test it, I have the XG connected to the adtran and a test pc ONLY. This eliminates the issue of something on the lan back feeding the XG. While the production network is on the new cable circuit working fine, with the existing topology.

That XG freezes (keep in mind the Servers are on a Big Smartups and so was the XG) so I add another ups to be dedicated to the XG in the chain of the Smartups (double power redundancy?) and move the XG to the NEW circuit and it fails again.

Oh, did I mention this is the third XG (the other two were RMA’d)

This HAS to be environmental I guess but I am hoping an elevated engineer (who is reviewing the logs now) can find the issue. My guess is power? But nothing ever needs to be rebooted or turned on after a power loss.


Oh, and also did a factory restore of the config file in case I have something stupid going on in the config.

  • Maybe you can find the issue via Serial Cable.


    Use putty and log everything into a file in Putty.

    Wait until this happens again and review the putty output. 

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    Yes, support had me attach the serial cable and using Putty. Support never mentioned of logging however they took logs.

      • Syslogs and sysmsgs are collected
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    The Point is, if the power supply fails, you should see some output in XG. 

    So you save the whole output of putty into the client log file. 

    If you have a support case, you should ask the next steps in your case ID however. 

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    Did you ever find a resolution to this?  I am having the same issue and have been through 2 devices now that were brand new.  We originally thought we had a defective device.

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    No, I haven't! Tried multiple things, reloaded new firmware without reloading old settings, (fresh install), put device on a UPS, ran the serial cable into the hyper term, for reporting but when it froze it reported nothing, moved it out of the server room (in case really bad power dips, even though nothing else in there is affected.) Ran the device NOT connected to the wan port (in case the isp is sending a hot signal) and this is still not running at the clients site.

    This is my third unit. I am out of suggestions.

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    I have tried to find out the ram configuration of the XG105 and not readily avaible.

    Normally what is your RAM usage and how full are the disk partitions, swap etc?


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    I haven't sat and watched the cpu/ram usage on the XG, but when I did look at it it was within the threshold. 

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    Check /log/syslog.log for the timeframes you noticed it hanged and right before. 

  • Is your UPS a "true sine wave" style ?  I had to replace UPSes many times in my life because servers and other computers’ switched power supplies are sensitives to entry-level UPSes ...

    I am not sure to understand fully, but have you also tried your XG without UPS ?

    Paul Jr

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    Support did that and found nothing unusual.

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    No, it is NOT true sine wave... However this unit was plugged into two different UPS' and directly into the outlets in the Server room AND an office in the building.