XG125 100% CPU USAGE


I have an issue on an XG125. Every morning between 9h00 AM and 10H00 AM the CPU usage goes to 100%. I connected to the appliance from SSH to check with the "top" command to see which process was using 100% of the CPU and this is the AVD process. Then, when I restart the Anti-Virus service from the appliance, the CPU usage come back at a normal usage.

The problem is happening every morning and it's very critical because when the CPU usage is at 100%, the IPSec VPN between this XG125 and another XG210 is not stable and 60 people could not work properly.


I openned a support case (here is the number: 8451452) and they asked me to backup the appliance and reset to factory defaults... But I cannot accept this answer because this is a production Firewall and the Firewall is at a remote site at 500Km, so I could not go on site just to test if a factory reset will do something, the boss won't accept to spend money for a 500Km travel just to do a factory reset because the ~$2000 firewall he bought needs a reset...


Actually I have totally disabled the "SCAN HTTP" feature on the rules to test if tomorrow morning the CPU will reach 100% again or not.


If anynone has an idea...

Thank you for your help.