XG210 crashed today


The XG210 of my Custommer crashed today at 8:50AM, we were not able to ping the LAN IP or the WAN IP.

The firmware version is 17.1 GA.

It came back after a manual reboot.

Once online again I saw in the "performance" tab that we had an anormal high number of sessions at 8h50 which I guess it's the cause why the firewall crashed.

I don't really know what can cause such a high number of sessions, in normal use the sessions number is between 300 and 600 on this firewall...

Any advice ?

I opened a case with the number: 8183274



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    We have had one of our XG210s (lightly loaded) crash yesterday about 15:45, with 17.1.1 MR-1, hard rebooted today as even ssh terminal will not log in, GUI died 1hr or so later, ssh cannot login as well so downgraded to 17.0.8 MR-8

    It had been running 17.1.1 MR-1 for over a week with no issues so I think an update sent yesterday has caused this.

  • Hello, I also have the XG210 and today I became the same problem around 11:45 pm in the Czech Republic. Firewall has stopped responding I had to manually shut down. I have SFOS 17.0.8 MR8
    Excuse me for my English ...

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    Can we try to find a pattern? 

    Can you please post your Fabric date of your XG210? 

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    Where can I find Fabric date of my XG210? Will you get a serial number C23076JBFP7MC92 ?

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    All I can say is my XG230 was Manufacturer date Oct 2015 Rev 1

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    Should be a sticker on the appliance itself. 

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    Hmm, ours crashed 3 more times over the weekend, even when downgraded to 17.0.8  I think it must be a broken patch/pattern as 17.0.8 and 17.1.1 were stable until the middle of last week.  I'm going to log a support ticket today as this is simply unacceptable.  Unfortunately I cant get something off a sticker as ours is 100 miles away in  a remote site with no techs there...

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    We also have an HA pair of 430s, another of 310s and one of 210s that all appear to be unaffected...

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    I had Sophos Support replace mine - I have an RMA one here to put in my Comms rack tonight.

    Not sure if its any help but my support ticket is:

    # 8273744

    I had 3 other tickets before this for the XG Crashing. All since going to v17.1 (coincidence?)

    The last ticket Sophos think I may have a corrupt disc as when the XG stops it Stops Dead - no logging etc just goneski.

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    I could remove the XG210 from the rack and it is not possible. I still have a paper box where these values are. Sophos XG210 rev. 3 Security Appliance. SKU XG21T3HEUK