most powerful hardware for Sophos XG home



I know there are heaps of thread asking what hardware suits best for the home edition of Sophos XG. However I think my requirements are a little different. Most threads ask for the cheapest, least power consuming units. I rather go for the most powerful one to max out the limitations of 4 cpus and 6gb of RAM.

Currently I am running Sophos XG on an ESXI Server with E3-1265L V2. The Appliance got 4 vCPUs and 5GB of RAM.

I have about 40 live users (serveral servers, pc's and IOT devices) in average, Mainly clientless users. I run 5 Vlans and about 15 Firewall Rules. I already deactivated some Firewall feature in order to push the CPU load average below 4. Currently the average is around 3.5 with regular peaks over 4 which apparently leads to CPU Queuing. 

Since used RAM is around 50%, I believe the virtual CPU Power is just not sufficient for my purposes. Of course I know that vCPUs perform worse than bare metal.


Therefore, I am looking for a fanless/silent barebone/mini pc with 4 NIC and a 4 Core CPU with enough power. Furthermore it should be possible to have 6GB of RAM (probably 8GB with 2 GB unused).

I read a lot about the Celerons J1900 as recommodations but I assume that couldn't be enough for my setup.

What CPU do you recommend and is there a nice ready to use barebone suiting these needs? I saw some Jetway units which could be a good option. e.g.


thx and Best