No response from GUI - How to restore?


I've a problem with a XG135 UTM. The GUI on port 4444 don't allow any connection, SSH is not enabled. I can connect on UTM with serial cable and gain access to console mode and advanced shell.

I've a configuration file mailed every night, but it's encrypted (not human-readable). I've read many topics about it on Sophos Community, about a "backup.plx" command for decrypt, but I don't find where is this command. Not in console mode, not in advanced shell (unknown command).

How can I restore an old configuration file ? How can I decrypt my configuration file, if needed ?


  • Pcc,

    did you try to reset to factory settings? From console option > 5 and then 1. Did you try to restart tomcat service from advanced shell?


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    If I reset to factory settings, I'm not sure to recover configuration file because of the encryption. Maybe is a "sophos-made" encryption, all readable by UTM ?

    I've tried reboot, no GUI.

    What is the command to restart tomcat on advanced shell ? There's no '/etc/init.d/' directory, 'service xxx status' seems don't work... maybe the advanced shell is a linux chrooted system ? I'm not sure to be root (su : not found).



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    PCC, you can restore the configuration if you received it via mail.

    To restart the tomcat service type:

    service tomcat:restart -dsnosync


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    No change with tomcat restart, as expected. Thanks for command line.

    The encryption that scares me a bit : with a factory settings reset, the file will be fully readable by the UTM and the configuration will be written on the UTM ? (beginning of the file : Salted__e©Ðã`+±¢¿—»ð'Åüš%öåGÉž¨w›Þ5Â>)û5‡öçPxìõÎÜðï...)

    My fear is to see the UTM refusing me the configuration file because of unreadable file. I don't remember of any encryption key defined on setup.

    Thanks for your help.