trying to enable FileZilla in application control but it is classified as TOR proxy, which I don't want to enable

XG 330 running firmware 16.05.08 IPS and Application signatures 3.14.23

I am trying to enable FTP access via Filezilla for our staff. I have added FTP basic to the list of allowed applications. However when I try to connect I am blocked. When I view the web log, I see that the FTP connection has been blocked because the firewall believes it comes from a TOR proxy. How do I convince it otherwise (I don't want to enable TOR proxy applications).



  • Hello,


    It looks there is an issue with IPS signature. You need to contact support and they will update the correct signature.


    Allowing and kind of proxy tool is not recommended and it will bypass entire Firewall security.


    Regards, Ronak.