Future of v17 and v18

Hey AlanT,

Hope you can update us on the future of v17 and future of v18? 

Since v17 is released i'm sure alot of new improvements are in the pipeline. 

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    Thanks Ian.


    Can anybody tell if the update also addresses the slow WiFi performance? I know there is a workaround through CLI but I'd like to see this addressed by an update.

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    upgrade tested and ok on a xg105 and virtual.

    Major issue since 17.5 about the impossiblitie to restore a backup is still not resolved...

    This is a shame to release a product without being able to backup/restore a configuration !

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    For what it’s worth, I too have installed it on 210 and 105 hardware appliances.


    Backups before and after, both local and via emails were also done flawlessly. In minutes.  

    But I believe this update was that quick because it did not have to play much with local database and had not much conversion to perform from 17.5.x

    Paul Jr

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    It took forever to upgrade on my XG home setup, but did eventually complete and come back up on its own.  I'd say it took between 10-15 minutes which is very unusual, but it does seem to be working ok so far. 

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    Hi Bill,

    I was thinking about this after I restarted and posted my result that I might not have waited long enough.

    Tank you for the explanation.


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    If you read the error message the backup issue appears to be something very specific to your configuration.

    Do you have auto update and install enabled on your pattern configuration?


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    2017 and 2018 were dedicated to bug fixes and stability almost exclusively.  Seems to me the real improvement this year was the MTA.


    Apart from the bits they've now broken. DKIM message body hashes for example - workaround is to bypass outbound scanning of internal mail servers that perform DKIM signing.

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    I did not know DKIM was busted on Sophos.

    But that said for $900 a year, I have the much much more powerful and flawless Symantec Brigthmail MTA appliance.  With every function you can imagine.

    If you toast a single day debugging Sophos Mail Gateway, or Sophos MTA, you already blew up that amount of money.  It is pointless to persist with mail on any Sophos products.  Unless you have more than 500 Users I would say.

    Paul Jr

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    Well the MTA in XG 17.5 doesn't do DKIM, but it's modifying messages beyond just whitespace changes such that the message body hashes are broken.

    This is probably why others are also seeing MIME message headers in their mail clients - the MTA is modifying the messages sufficiently that the mail client is no longer capable of displaying them as intended.

    Will be looking at options this year for better mail filtering and IPv6 support - the current and expected feature set just isn't there.