Future of v17 and v18

Hey AlanT,

Hope you can update us on the future of v17 and future of v18? 

Since v17 is released i'm sure alot of new improvements are in the pipeline. 

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    Hi Ian,

    My apologies regarding this delay.

    Our team has recently published this KBA to provide more information regarding APX and Sophos XG Firewall compatibility.

    • Note: The functionality for APX wireless access point on XG is available from XG Firewall (SFOS) version 17.5 MR3.

    Hope that helps! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly if you had any further questions or concerns.


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    Hi Flo,

    I hope you had a good weekend off all fired and ready to join the fray again?

    MR-3 has it been released?



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    Unless one runs APX access point, that particular update is next to useless.

    I would not certainly not rush to get APX wireless with Sophos XG either.

    Paul Jr

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    I like the sense of excitement, I might find a hidden jewel. LOL


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    At the pace things goes, I will most probably get "exited".  I have a year left on subscription and as usual, in 6 month I will take a decision.  V18 won't be there.  I am not enthusiast at moving things on another platform, considering moving into XG was the most painful in my life, but what I see here just don't work.

    When they engaged into wrapping many open source products and integrate them into an interface package called XG, the idea was nothing short of excitements.  "All-in-One" dream like we say.

    However, the implementation that was once first and unique is being was doubled by other actors in the industry.  Seriously.  Much like the story featuring actors like a turtles and rabbits.

    Don't get me wrong, APX is a welcome addition, but I welcomed that addition in written here more than a year ago.

    XG is trailing behind just too much.  The level of knowledge required to make XG work properly is such that one might wrap all those package himself.  XG being just a GUI in fact.  

    It is only my opinion however.  Everybody else is welcome to be more optimist.

    Paul Jr

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    There is currently no news on the release of Sophos XG 17.5.3.

    Last info from Sophos was 10th February 2019.

    Maybe someone at Sophos could give some news on it.

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    Hey Ian,

    MR-3 hasn't been released yet, I've reached out to our product team to request for another update.

    Thanks for everyone's patience regarding this highly anticipated release.


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    Also, as a reminder:

    MR1 – Was for Central Management EAP Fixes.

    MR3 – APX and Airgap Support – February 10. Well it's delayed for now.

    MR4 – Backup Features.  Encrypted Backups and Backup Management from Sophos Central - March  That is two weeks from now.  That was no priority.


    My list, which is pretty basic requirements :

    Logs are still helpless. 

    Would be nice we had something that compares to Checkpoint ...

    Some shy improvements in v17.5.

    The best would be a direct link with WireShark while logs becomes acceptable in a future version.

    STAS needs a complete remelting. 


    Instead of going tru all those ports, registry keys, et.c. non-sense setups ?

    XG as an NTP is a basic requirement.  Should have been done long ago.

    Full features DHCP.

    At least we could point desktops to 2 or 3 trustable NTPs.

    Pooled NTP web sites is such a non sens to me.

    2017 and 2018 were dedicated to bug fixes and stability almost exclusively.  Seems to me the real improvement this year was the MTA.

    None of this is on Sophos' radar.

    Paul Jr

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    Thank you for the reminder, I just broke my NTP setup and need to fixit.


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    It's been released - check the licensing portal, I've just downloaded and installed on a test environment.

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    Not found in the XG update process.

    I will check the portal.

    Thank you



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    I know I did say I liked excitement, but not that much. The upgrade caused my machine to go off line and not complete the upgrade. Required a restart and long time over 5 minutes to finish.


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    But it did finish in the end?

    Mmh... I better not test and wait for additional feedback from others who have test appliances.

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    yes, it did finish and is back online. Also the wifi upgraded. I cannot see any additional tabs in the wifi to go along with the added APX features. Possibly because I don't have an APX device.