No GUI after Upgrade from MR4 to MR5

Hi. I really hope someone can help me with my issue.

I am using Sophos XG Home Edition on Intel Hardware. Worked perfect until las update. After I updated from version MR4 to MR5 I have no access to the GUI anymore. The error is: 

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

Look like that only the GUI is not working. All other Firewall settings look good. VPN, WEB Protection. SSH is working. I have full access to the console.

I tried several things to resolve the issue. This is what I already tried:

  1. Use SFLOader to load old Image (MR4). Still no GUI with old image.
  2. Thru console, I restored factory defaults. After this, the GUI is available again. However, with an empty firewall configuration (as expected). When I restore my Backup, I have the same problem again. No GUI.
  3. After loading factory defaults again, I updated to MR6. Still working but with an empty configuration. If I restore my backup, I have the same issue again. No GUI.
  4. I also tried Backups that are 14 days old.

Does anyone have some Idea, what I can try? Maybe something on the console.


Any help is much appreciated.


  • Can I download somwhere the installer for SFOS v16.05.4 MR4? Or the Files for a VM?

    I can try with this installer. With this version it was working.

  • In reply to StefanBoldt:


    you need to seach on your Sophos Account page if the ISO is still available.

    Did you try to restart tomcat from advanced shell:

    service tomcat:restart -dsnosync

    Are you sure you did not change the Webadmin port, IP?


  • In reply to lferrara:

    Yes. I already tried to restart the tomcat. Didn't help.

    And I not changed any IP or Port. I just did the Update as usual.


    If I enter "service tomcat:restart -dsnosync" I get "200 OK" as response.


    On my Sophos Account page I only can download the MR5 version.

  • In reply to StefanBoldt:

    Problem solved. I did a reset of the default Web Admin Certificate via console.

    After that, I could connect again to the GUI.
    I am sure that I tested it before. Probably not with version 16.05.6 MR-6.

    Anyway. Now it is working again.

    Thanks for the support.


    EDIT: The Problem was a expired certificate. Tongue Tied