Some website blocked



I have an XG135 with v16.05.5 MR5. Since this update I have few website that i cannot reach as Linkedin for example.

For troubleshooting I have a firewall rule : Lan to Wan without any scan or IPS or Web policy

So I can't understand why some websites cannot be reach ( i checked the same website outside my network and it working)


Anybody have an idea?



  • Hi everyone, By adding default web policy on firewall rule, it fixed my issue. There is no transparent mode on Xg 135 if you don't assign web policy.

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    I have same way on my XG 210 since i install it few month ago, i discover i can t access to some website



    I add default policy to my simple firewall network like you but nothing change

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    Hi julien , 

    I have checked the scenario on my end and found no issue with the Website 

    Tested with HTTPS /HTTP scanning and policy applied is allow all in both application and web filter.

    Steps to troubleshoot the issue further:

    Check the address resolved by DNS.

    Check the application and Web filter logs using the host address and the source address of the system. 

    From the console you may also take a tdpcump and capture the traffic.

    Console>tcpdump 'host <URL or IPaddress>




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    You reason


    i can't ping the website that s strange

    When i test in sophos to resolve it s ok it give 2 IP adresse but i can t ping it, so the website is not offline cause i can reach it from my phone


    In diagnostic tools

    i do tracert without choose port and it don t know where to go if i do the same test with my WAN port selected it know where to go

    So what happens ? routing ?

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    Ok i see my stupid error

    i do static route for network /8 to other router so public IP adresse are in this plage....

  • I have this same issue on XG135, cannot access one website.