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I tried to apply some web and application policy to block peer to peers anonimyzers and social networking however it blocks users to send image  on viber. I already allowed viber on the application rule. Only image is blocked. Which tule is blocking it?

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    Please check web filter denied logs as well to confirm any category not blocking content for Viber Images.

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    here is the log view and the web policy


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    What is the status if you create a clone rule of same rule( above to this existing rule) and select any one device IP and remove the web filter? Is it working fine for that device IP which is part of clone rule? 


    Create a similar kind of rule on top for any one device IP and apply only App filter and confirm the status. If it is working fine then apply the "Allow All" web filter and confirm the status.

    If the above works then remove Web filter "Allow All" and apply the web policy on this test rule which you have applied on original rule:This will give you hint where content getting blocked. If applying the same web filter on that rule creating a problem then any category inside the Web filter matching any URL and blocking the traffic due to block action set for that category inside the policy.