Block search queries containing specific keywords in the youtube IOS app


I would like to block search queries sent to youtube from the IOS app if the search query contains specific keywords. Is this possible?


In the policy I have the web proxy with SSL/TLS decryption enabled and the CA certificate is imported on the client. On the XG 18 I have a web category which includes the keywords, but while this works well for URLs in web browsers, it does not work with the API the youtube app on an IOS device uses.

In addition I would also like to filter out youtube videos which contain the keyword in the title, description, etc. How is this done?




  • Hi,

    have you enabled the limitation settings in the WEB GUI -> Policy that is being applied to your firewall rule?




  • In reply to rfcat_vk:

    Hi Ian,


    Yes, they are enabled and the youtube restriction is set to strict. Is a list of search terms which will be filtered out available?


    I think the challenge here is that the filter needs to understand the youtube API. I do not see any GET requests with a keyword in the logs, except for the search suggestions, so the request is either encoded in a parameter in the GET request or the API uses a POST request. Do you know whether the filtering applies to POST data as well?


    I was wondering whether content filtering could be used instead, but I have not found a way to configure that beyond the default options included in the XR product. Even if it were possible XR would need to understand the JSON/XML/etc. structure of the response and know which object to filter out so the video is not listed, since just filtering out the keyword in the response still leaves the video playable.


    Maybe these are all feature requests and not available in the current product?