DHCP slow to start after restart

I am running XG home edition SFOS 17.5.12 MR-12 on a VM. Sometime last year, something happened (I think it was after an update to SFOS) and I noticed that every time I restarted the XG firewall, the console would show up quickly, everything else would work but I could not connect to web GUI on port 4444 for about 20 minutes. Since everything was working (firewall rules, DHCP, DNS), I just ignored the issue.

Couple of days ago, I restarted the firewall and now web GUI and DHCP both start working only after 20 minutes. So, I can connect to the console, all computers with static IP can connect to the internet but any computer with DHCP does not. So, on one of the computers, I did ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew and it just waited and waited for DHCP server to answer.

After 20 minutes, everything is back to normal. 

I do not use any features of XG except firewall. No IPS, no web, no applications, nothing. Everything is at default. I am using the XG as DNS server and DHCP server.

Where can I look to see what is causing this 20 minute wait for DHCP to be back up? The dhcpd.log does not contain timestamp. Any help will be appreciated.



  • Hello ArunGupta,

    Thank you for contacting the Sophos Community.

    If you happen to reboot the firewall, could you please SSH in to the XG and run this command from the advanced-shell

    #service -S | grep "dhcp"

    #tcpdump -eni any port 67 or 68

    And also the DHCP you have configured is for LAN and/or Wireless? if it is for both the issue is with both of them?


  • In reply to emmosophos:

    Thanks Emmanuel. I have configured DHCP for LAN and DMZ only. There is no Wireless. I have switched DNS and DHCP now to a Windows server and no longer using XG for these functions.


    Arun Gupta