category-filtering bypassed / not working partially

Hi all,

i filter for advertisements ... works mostly.

But sometimes we got a lot of advertisements within webpages.

Today, at this time i capture a link and check with policy-check ... should be blocked

i take another device and are able to open the link too, but should be blocked too.

i try this simple link:

I can't find "googlesyn" since 17:52 within my webfilter-log.

Until this moment i have some hits per minute from different web-pages.

Other pages are filtred and listed within webfilter.

Someone seen such behavior?


Thanks, Dirk



  • Hi Dirk,

    do you https scanning enabled.

    Adverts within pages has become sneaky way of bypassing some of the adblocking software and features. What I have found is that when you click on an ad on a page that link is blocked, so the question is how do you block pictures on a page that have embedded urls that are adverts?


  • In reply to rfcat_vk:


    Yes, https-scanning is enabled.

    My woman is on a forum an i see googlesyndication ads until the moment it stops. Now she sees the ads and i see nothing within the webfilter log.

    I know the attempts to bypass filtering ... but i try to load the simple image from link above ... and i show the advertisement-image.

    Today the image is blocked and i see a warn-message.

    BTW: Which options i have to  ... "block pictures on a page that have embedded urls that are adverts"

    THX dirk