How to convert inner port to outer port with NAPT


Is there a way to convert inside ports to outside ports at the same time as masquerading?
I thought from the business application rules that Full NAT should be used, but I did not know how to set it when there was no designation of the server to transfer.

For example, convert the LAN side IP to the WAN side IP, and convert the inside port 22 to the outside port 2222.

The SFOS version is 17.5 MR10.

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    If you are trying to configure PAT(Port Address Translation), it can be configured with "DNAT/Full NAT/Load Balancing" rule. 

    • Create custom service with port 2222
    • Enter port 22 in Mapped port section

    Note: You have to use port 2222 in order to access your internal server via SSH from external network. 


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    I've really appreciate your help. 

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