Unable to download and install adobe connect

Hi Mates,

I am unable to download and install the cloud connect software in any system of my network. I made the dedicated firewall rule in which I allowed all in web and application policy but still the issue retains. I tried to implement LAN to WAN and none in IPS and also I further forwarded the port numbers such as port number 80 and 1935(TCP and UDP both) and implemented these in services section of firewall but didn't get any result. Do we need to make an exception for this particular like we had for teamviewer? Your replies shall highly be solicited.




  • Hi  

    You can try a blank firewall rule from your source IP to any destination IP on the WAN zone for any service.  Please make sure to select no web filtering, application filtering, AV scanning, IPS or decrypt and scan SSL is set.

    This will determine if the issue lies with the web proxy or not.

    Please let us know if it works this way.

    I would look for this application in the logs to see if its trying to connect to a non-https port.