Firewall rule does not work.



I got a XG firewall and after I saw wierd traffic coming from a browser I added a firewall rule to block the suspicous traffic. Although the traffic still flow, it does not care about the rule. How does that can be?

The rule is added on top, and there is no other interference. I succesfully operate this firewall with all other rules working. I just cant believe that.


  • Hi,

    open logviewer and create a filter for the IP address of the device and see which firewall rule is allowing the traffic out.



    Fixed spell checker mistake which made the sentence totally incorrect.

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    Thanks for your reply. The problem is that the traffic is allowed not disallowed. There is a drop traffic firewall rule on top, which is based on a IP range. The problem is that the rule stands there activated, but its just ignored by the firewall, like its non existant. I can add other rules, and they are all working as intended. Log Viewer and other tests proof it. Just this particular IP range wont get blocked by the firewall, for a reason I cant understand.

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    please share the firewall rules.


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    Thanks for your reply. I will post it soon, Atm very busy.

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    Hi Tom,

    is was supposed to say which rule is allowing the traffic out. I have since corrected the post.

    Which rule is allowing the traffic out?