GUI over the WAN

Hi Everyone, i have an XG 210. We are on the latest firmware and usually manage the device remotely. 

We have noticed the loading of the GUI from the WAN is not very good, pages lag and some things dont load well.

On the LAN we dont notice these issues 

Has anyone seen these before? Its on the end of a BT leased line 100/100 so i really dont think internet speed is an issue. 

update: it looks like this issue is isolated to Chrome and not IE.

Chrome on the LAN is fine, over the WAN its very slow and does not load loads of pages.


  • Luke, 

    for security reason, WAN UI should be left open only when the you need to change the LAN ip, for example. Use VPN SSL or use Sophos central to manage XG remotely.


  • Hi Luke,

    I would also suggest you to check if you are running latest firmware version of google Chrome, if not, please update and try to connect.

    However, I agree with  as it is not recommended to open HTTPS for WAN zone, instead you can try other option such as SSL VPN, Central Firewall Manger or even create Local ACL exception for your public IP only so you can access firewall without opening HTTPS for entire WAN zone.