Traceroute on Sophos XG


How is possible active traceroute in Sophos XG, in the last models exist one part on activate or desactivate this options but in the XG i don't see any check for this purposal. 

My hosts are reachable from ping but when i launch traceroute always the last hop is sophos and i not view any hop after firewall.


  • Traceroute uses ICMP calls to find the hosts.

    So basically your Client tries to reach every hop via ICMP. If the last station is XG, it seems like XG is blocking your ICMP requests. Do you have a firewall rule to allow this client to use ICMP ? 

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    I remember on v15 or v16 to have the same issue. Depending on the OS you are performing the tests from.

    In my case, Mac OS, traceroute does not work even if I create an ICMP firewall rule at the top.

    Here the tcpdump result:

    19:20:37.858433 Port1, IN: IP > UDP, length 24
    19:20:37.858588 Port1, OUT: IP > ICMP time exceeded in-transit, length 60

    19:20:37.865663 Port1, IN: IP > UDP, length 24
    19:20:37.865805 Port1, OUT: IP > ICMP time exceeded in-transit, length 60
    19:20:37.867118 Port1, IN: IP > UDP, length 24
    19:20:37.867249 Port1, OUT: IP > ICMP time exceeded in-transit, length 60
    19:20:37.868407 Port1, IN: IP > UDP, length 24

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    Tried it with Windows, works fine. 

    Could you please create a drppkt of those drops? 

    And which filter for tcpdump did you use? 

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    Same here. I hit the XG and from then on *.

    I run the same test on W10 out the same firewall rule and success.


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    Sent pcap via PM.

    Let us know

  • Hi, thanks for reply. 

    I create one rule permit Info_Address, Info_Request, Ping and IMCP, but ping works correctly and traceroute no. I try from Linux and MacOs computer but the result is the same. 

    I have a sensation that is a problem from a bgp process when the networks are published from Sophos, but not are connected directly. 

    I have to run new tests. 


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    Hi folks,

    then answer appears to be traceroute -I on MACs.


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    I would need the drop packet capture, not a Wireshark Dump. 

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    the tcpdump comes from xg console.

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    can you try from Linux box?


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    Hi Luk,

    so no linux boxes these days other the Sophos firewall devices,


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    I mean drop packet capture, not tcpdump.

    on CLI (advanced shell) simply use 'drppkt' on Console use drop-packet-capture.

    I prefer advanced shell - You can set all filter via Grep (Piping | ) 

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    Try adding the following from internal to external


    Name TraceRoute
    Type TCP/UDP
    Details UDP (1:65535) / (33434:33534)
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    Just tried and traceroute does not work.

    The only way to allow traceroute is the -I option.

    Thanks Ian.

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    Have you tried creating the firewall rule to allow the UDP ports to egress?


    TraceRoute works for me once this has been done.