Web Site Allowed IN CATEGORY

hi guys ,

Sorry for my english

So  I have had Sophos XG with firmware SFOS 17.5.8 MR-8 , WebPage allowed but when access show white blank page , I have restart firewall and the problem appears

, Need to access but seems bloked ???

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  • Hi  

    Did you check with denied logs in the log viewer for that domain?

    Is your DNS is able to resolve the domain name?

    You can create FQDN rule and check by applying different ISP in that firewall rule in the "Primary Gateway" configuration.

  • In reply to Keyur:

    thank you for your reply ,

    But in log viewer the web site is allowed by sophos and my DNS server can solve the domain name

    When i bypasse some @IP the site is loading without problem .

    I do not understand , i have create category whiteliste in my firewall but same think blank page


  • In reply to islam zidane:


    Which IP are you bypassing and web site is accessible, are you bypassing LAN user IP or the IPs related to the website.

    Please open the developer tools of the browser and check if any URL is not getting loaded, try to allow them and verify the issue.

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    Hi ,

    I juste skipe the IP adresse for user with use the website .

    When i skip this adresse the  website is accessible without problem ,and i check in the firefox browser the url is not blocked .

    IN the logviewer in sophos The URL is allowed .

    thank you for your reply .