Firewall Rule 0



I have a simple business rule that forwards traffic from a wan ip to an internal one, with several ports being forwarded. This is to enable a softphone on my mobile to connect to our internal phone system. I am currently testing alllowing only certain IPs on the wan to try to connect.

When the rule has the tcp ports required live, traffic gets rejected using Rule 0.

If I set the port forward wide open (any service) it all works fine and only shows the ports that I wanted to be forwarded.

This image is when only the specific ports are being forwarded.

This is when all ports being forwarded.

This is the rule. Only difference between the two when working is that ANY is in place of the two service items. It is at the very top of the firewall list at this time.

I am really at a loss why Rule0 seems to be interfering for this rule when all the ports should be OK.


Anyone have any ideas?