Connectivity setup between 2 devices through XG time based

Is it possible to setup connectivity between 2 devices through XG. 

Device A is on the LAN switch which in turn is connected the XG LAN interface and Device B would be connected directly to an unused interface on the XG. 

Device A would run a scheduler and transfer data to Device B through the XG. After the data transfer is done within that time period, then the interface where Device B is connected should be disabled. But i want the access to be restricted to only time based. 

Can anyone share info regarding this setup and is it possible. 

  • Hi,

    create a firewall rule between both lans with the IP address of each device in the network field.

    Add the ports you wish to use, then create the time allowed in that field.

    Add logging just so you can check what is happening and away you go.


  • In reply to rfcat_vk:

    Thanks for the reply. I should have explained better. 

    I have created a time based rule from Device A to Device B.

    What i ultimately need is Device A is the backup server which needs to function as normal and should remain functioning as normal.

    Device B is the offline backup server which will only be connected to the LAN on the defined schedule and after the schedule Device B should be inaccessible on the LAN.

    The firewall rule i have created just creates a rule for Device A to Device B on this schedule and it doesnt turn off / shutdown Device B access on the network. 

    Any inputs would be appreciated 

  • In reply to lara20:

    I assume you need a deny rule (or multiple) for device B under the schedule rule you have already created.