Exchange of underlying Linux distribution when going from SFOS 17.5 to SFOS 18.x? Update process and other implications ...

Recently I heard rumors that Sophos is exchanging the linux distribution from some kind of special linux kernel to debian/ubuntu. 

Will this make a complete reinstallation necessary or can the de single devices and clusters like they are updated now (single with one reboot, cluster with no interruption for most services)?

Will all settings and configuration (especially SSL-VPN) be migrated in the updae process or are parts of the system are working differently in 18.x than 17.5.

  • We should wait until V18 arrives. 

  • Email will still be Exim.

    VPN will still be Strongswan


    The place I expect wrestling will be worst is NAT rules migration ...  They'll now be detached from Firewall rules.

    IPv6 and IPv4 are still two firewalls apart.  Go figure.

    v18 is mostly a OS core update/swap from what we see up to now ...

    Anything below XG115 will not be suported anymore.

    It cools down the rush let's say.

    Paul Jr

  • In reply to Big_Buck:

    Hi Paul

    X86 and XG106 will be supported using v18.