Checking inbound and outbound ports on XG firewall

What tool/s or how is everyone checking what ports are open on your XG firewall?

I am looking for a tool that will show me a complete list of all inbound and outbound ports that are open to traffic on the firewall.  

I don't do any port forwarding now, but I want to be sure because of the latest ransomware variants of bluekeep and RDP brute forcing (Port 3389), etc



  • Basically use some of those tester in the internet (there are plenty, which test your domain - but be careful, who you trust...) or use nmap from outside client against your IP / DNS. 

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    I guess I was looking for a more direct answer.  Here is a great / safe / reliable tool for checking.


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    I would guess, the great / safe / reliable tools are ether tools to actually get you paying for a service or you will get screwed.

    Personally speaking i would recommend to use free tools like nmap and test it yourself. Therefore nobody can actually sell you anything or you will have to pay for something.