Restricting Instagram via Firewall Rule

Dear Friends,

On XG Firewall - Instagram usage is already restricted in Web Policies then applied in Firewall Rule to a specific set of IP addresses but still the users in the IP were able to access Instagram. Tried implementing another policy but still it didn't worked. 

Please help me to correct it, if anything missing or to check for proper implementation.


Ritesh Biswas

  • Hi,

    you will need to crete an application policy as well as the web policy and if that is not successful you will have to enable https scanning and install the XG CA on all your devices.


  • Hi  

    Please follow the below-given steps.

    You can add Instagram URLs to web category and add that web category to an existing policy.

    You can block Social Media Category

    Same steps for application filter policy, add Instagram to App filter policy.

    Please move the firewall rule on top and apply web and app filter policy in the firewall rule, enable HTTPS scanning and verify.

  • Did you try to clear browser cache? Because if you before doesnt block to quic udp protocol browser cached old and fastest route.