[HELP] Users can't reach play.google.com site althrought they're allowed

Hi everybody,

I've met a problem with Application filter and Web filter on Sophos XG.

I have a group with Unlimited internet access permistion for some users (It is imported from AD), I created a Rule on Firewall rule to allow them access internet (Web policy and Application control are Allow All). I also did a Policy test with a user on that group when accessing play.google.com and it is allowed.  But when I'm trying to access play.google.com on Browser, It's not working (It shows the message: This site cant't provide a secure connection).

I tried to create a FQDN host or a URL group to solve this problem but It's not working too.

I've stared working with Sophos XG, so how can I do to solve it, please?

There are some screenshots for this problem: