SIP helper always has to be reloaded

I have an XG 125 and our VOIP works very well on it.  However, whenever the firewall is rebooted, sometimes automatically, our voip system doesn't work. 

Specifically, our voip can't register with our SIP provider on port 5060 UDP.  The outbound traffic is denied by the firewall when our VOIP system tries to register with our SIP provider. Although the sip module shows it's loaded, I have to manually load it via the console again "system system_modules sip load", and everything works, until the next restart.

Is there a way to make sure that the sip helper is loaded properly or to perhaps create a batch file that will load it after each restart, or even every 15 mins or so?

  • Hi RCM, 

    As a suggestion, can you try unloading (and checking if VOIP is OK) and rebooting to see if the issue persists or does it not work with it unloaded?

  • In reply to MasterRoshi:

    VOIP works only if the SIP helper is on, but I have to manually start it, even though it says it's on.

  • In reply to RCM Clinics:

    My guess it that this is most likely a race condition then. The connection is established before the sip module is loaded at boot. Most modern sip implementations work without needing a helper so if you can configure it in such a way then the problem would go away as well. Otherwise its best to open a support case. 

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    ok great thanks.  I had opened one up and am awaiting a reply.