4 Gateways Load Balancing


I have 4 ADSL connections, with following bandwidth:

  • Gateway 1: 16 Mbps download/1 Mbps Upload
  • Gateway 2: 16 Mbps download/1 Mbps Upload
  • Gateway 3: 16 Mbps download/1 Mbps Upload
  • Gateway 4: 8 Mbps download/1 Mbps Upload

I'd configured weighted load balance using: console> set routing wan-load-balancing weighted-round-robin

Then, very weird thing happen!

If I use 3 or 4 gateways "as active gateways", I get only the speed of one of them

And If I use only two gateways I get the combined speed of both lines!

I'd tried the following combination of gateways weights ()when I'd use all of them as active):

  • Gateway 1: (1, 25, 28, 100)
  • Gateway 2: (1, 25, 28, 100)
  • Gateway 3: (1, 25, 28, 100)
  • Gateway 4: (1, 25, 16, 100)

But it never works, only works If I'm using two gateways only!


Any Ideas?

  • I am kinda confused about the fact, Load Balancing works in your Case?

    We load balance by pinning connections to certain Interfaces. 

    So we actually do not bundle traffic. This is not possible by the technical perspective. 

    You have 4 different IP Addresses on WAN - so basically if you would start to bundle the interfaces, the traffic will be mixed up and the application in Internet cannot bundle those connections back to your client. 



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    Thank you fr your reply,


    Actually I know this is not real load balancing, but when you use applications that can handle multiple sessions (Internet Download Manager or Torrent Clients), you can utilize all of your gateways bandwidth combined together, which it was working normally before.


    Now I can't get it work with 4 gateways, any suggestions?

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    Got it. 

    But this should work like mentioned by the KBA. We are using Round robin.

    So maybe, if you are "unlucky" the connections are not quite separated. 

    Did you try several "retries" in the slow connections? 

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    Could you please explain more?

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    For example,

     Sophos Firewall use the weighted round-robin algorithm for load balancing, which maximizes the utilization of capacities across the various links.

    So lets say, you have 4 WAN Uplinks.

    You start a Download with 4 peers.


    Best Case:

    Peer 1 = WAN 1

    Peer 2 = WAN 2

    Peer 3 = WAN 3

    Peer 4 = WAN 4


    Worst Case (more realistic)

    Peer 1 = WAN 1

    Some other Connection = WAN 2

    Peer 2 = WAN 3

    Some other Connection = WAN 4

    Peer 3 = WAN 1

    Peer 4 = WAN 2 






    If you use only two Uplinks, more likely you will match this:


    Peer 1 = WAN 1

    Other Connection = WAN 2

    Peer 2 = WAN 1 

    Peer 3 = WAN 2

    Other Connection = WAN 1

    Peer 4 = WAN 2 


    As you can see, it is more easy to match the perfect scale in this scenario, than in the upper scenario. 

    So if you start "more Peers", you should archive, that all 4 WAN Uplinks are used.