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Hello Guys,


I have two questions regarding quality of service. One, We have an ERP system on which the server is located in the cloud. I would like to give the highest priority and all available bandwidth to this connection. What I've done so far is create a firewall rule that basically doesn't do any of the malware checks under the malware scanning section and under advanced, nothing is selected. Is there any optimizations I can do to make it better? and two, when you do a traffic shapping policy, how is this exactly applied? example, I made a policy to restrict icloud usage to 128 KBps under services > traffic shapping (with applications, Limit, disable, priority 2, limit 128, and individual all selected). Then I went to protect > traffic shaping default and under fie transfer > icloud I applied the restriction. But after doing this, i am not sure what to do next. If I apply this traffic shaping restriction under the primary internet access rule, then all of the traffic shaping rules will also be applied, is that correct? what would be the best way to just apply one traffic shapping rule? create a new firewall rule? I am curious to see what would you guys do.