Blocking Hotspotshield and any other VPN apps and VPN extensions on web browsers



Is there any way to block Hotspotshield and any other VPN extensions on web browsers and stop them from running?


I tried to search for it issue and apply what I found under P2P,Tunnel,Proxy,VPN Application Categories and deny them but in vain.


Hotspotshield and other chrome VPN extensions such as TouchVPN are still able to run.





  • Hi,

    Assuming you have http and https scanning enabled try adding application 'block peer to peer apps', I have found it reasonably successful. Now you can incorporate that into a greater application policy if you so desire.


  • In reply to rfcat_vk:

    thank you for replying 


    I tried to block peer to peer apps, but it didn't work 


    the hotspot shield is still able to run

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    The XG can't stop functions on web browsers, it can only stop the communication with the internet. What does the log viewer show when the application connects?