Sophos XG dropping package with Invalid traffic log

Hi. I have issue with my Sophos XG firewall. It is blocking my access to website . I can ping the website fine but can't access it. Also, log viewer under Web says access is allowed. When I check packet capture, I see the filewall is dropping the packet with flag invalid traffic but doesn't really say why. Please let me know how to fix this? The website is working fine. here's the log for

 2019-01-11 12:54:44 010202130 IP > : proto TCP: R 1541645885:1541645885(0) checksum : 24274
0x0000: 4500 0028 2e1e 4000 8006 33aa 0a0c 2f0b E..(..@...3.../.
0x0010: 31cf 2e22 ce5c 01bb 5be3 a63d c0e1 24dc 1..".\..[..=..$.
0x0020: 5014 0000 5ed2 0000 P...^...
Date=2019-01-11 Time=12:54:44 log_id=010202130 log_type=Firewall log_component=Invalid_Traffic log_subtype=Denied log_status=N/A log_priority=Alert duration=N/A in_dev= out_dev= inzone_id=0 outzone_id=0 source_mac= dest_mac= l3_protocol=IP source_ip= dest_ip= l4_protocol=TCP source_port=52828 dest_port=443 fw_rule_id=0 policytype=0 live_userid=0 userid=0 user_gp=0 ips_id=0 sslvpn_id=0 web_filter_id=0 hotspot_id=0 hotspotuser_id=0 hb_src=0 hb_dst=0 dnat_done=0 proxy_flags=0 icap_id=0 app_filter_id=0 app_category_id=0 app_id=0 category_id=0 bandwidth_id=0 up_classid=0 dn_classid=0 source_nat_id=0 cluster_node=0 inmark=0x0 nfqueue=0 scanflags=0 gateway_offset=0 max_session_bytes=0 drop_fix=0 ctflags=0 connid=0 masterid=0 status=0 state=0 sent_pkts=N/A recv_pkts=N/A sent_bytes=N/A recv_bytes=N/A tran_src_ip=N/A tran_src_port=N/A tran_dst_ip=N/A tran_dst_port=N/A