XG and FQDN lists provided in initial configuration

Hi folks,

not sure if this is a bug in the FQDN list. While working on another thread I discovered that a large number of the FQDNs with wildcard do not resolve any addresses. Now I find this rather strange when you take *.microsoft.com for example and it does not resolve any sub-domains, the same with dropbox, some google entries.

Your thoughts on the subject.

Thank you 


  • There are two guesses in this topic.

    1. too many ip addresses for microsoft those objects.

    2. you firstly need to use this object to fill them. Just creating them wont fill them.

    3. too big to show them in GUI. 

  • In reply to LuCar Toni:

    Hi LuCar,

    I will go with option 2 as that seems to fit the lists of IPs I see against wildcard FQDNs.