Transparent/Split and firewall rules

Hello all,

I'm new to Sophos technology and I was wondering whether there is a specific rule to be created on my firewall XG210 for my RED device to work properly in Transparent/Split mode because it seems all users on remote network have access to everything.

Thank you.

Dan V

  • Hi,

    The Mode on RED just mean, what the RED is doing on routing.

    You need to specify the correct firewall rules on XG to limit the access to your resources. 

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    Hi ManBearPig,

    I have my rules but how to make the RED device recognizes them?

    I might have been unclear.


  • In reply to Dan V:

    As mention above, the RED is a "stupid" routing device. It will route all the traffic, you are selecting in the red deployment to your XG. 

    XG is looking for a firewall rule, which applies to the traffic.

    Maybe check your firewall ruleset with the policy check to find the rule or take a look into the log viewer, which rule applies incorrectly and allow the traffic. 

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    Ah ok, got it now.

    Thank you ManBearPig.