Exchange Server and POP3 protection with XG Firewal


I have recently switched my home network over to XG firewall from UTM.  I have everything working that I need working with the exception of Pop3 email scanning. 

I have an Exchange 2013 server, and I use ST POP Connector to download and forward our home email from the Verizon servers to my exchange server.  With UTM this worked well any spam was stored in the UTM and all other email was delivered.

I understand that the XG does not have the ability (yet?) to store pop3 spam email, but I do see that it has the ability to tag the subject with say "Spam" and "Probable Spam".  If I can do that, then I can setup rules to handle mail like that accordingly in my Exchange\Outlook box.

Verizon uses POP3 SSL on porrt 995 going to  I don't see any indication that email is being scanned.

Attached are the configuration that I have setup.  Any help would be appreciated!!