MTA - Whitelist and Blacklist

Hello, after setting up MTA Email Protection, I noticed there is no Whitelist or Blacklist.  Not only for admin on the XG, but I don't see anywhere in the User Portal for users to manage a White/Black list.  Will this feature be added soon?


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    Ha! They call it a solution! Now tell me how to block a TLD? you know, these pesky .work or .party or just simple .ru spam emails? The "Blocked email addresses" list will not accept "*@*.work" :-( They should've made the first list not "Allowed IP addresses/FQDNs" but "Blocked.." instead. And extended the mask to include just TLDs.

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    To be honest, in my opinion blacklisting a complete TLD seems not be a good solution. So I wouldn't implement that too. You never know who's going to send an email from such a TLD next time. Besides that I only see a few spam mails coming through. For these I'd like to see the greylisting feature work correctly. I bet that even the last spam mails are dropped then. The mentioned solution is more important to me regarding the whitelisting, as for example some important senders get blacklisted and don't do anything about it.

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    Hi Jelle,


    Are you sure this solve it?

    We are having issue receiving and sending email to a partner... put their domain on the whitelisting list; even tried to put individual email.

    does not work... 

    goes into the advanced shell and found the block reason is still SPAM

    Funny enough this is a trustworthy partner that we have no issue communicating email before....

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    it works for us. We already whitelisted some addresses as they are blacklisted in public lists and the owners of the addresses don't even know what blacklisting is or means. So they will never care about being removed.

    Does your XG run in MTA mode?

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    Yes it does... MTA Mode.

    will posting a ticket tomorrow