XG Version 18 and 18 MR1 issues with emailing backups when using Amazon SES as outbound Smarthost

I recently updated my UTM installation to XG version 18.  I loaded the MR1 update as well and have had no issues with it (needed it to fix Outlook connectivity across RED tunnel to my office).  On both the GA and MR1 releases, I have had an issue with the format of the email being sent with the backup attached.  I use Amazon SES as my outbound email relay for the MTA as well as for notifications.  Notifications and outbound email work fine.  The only issue is with emailing backups.  It gets resturned by Amazon SES with the folowing error:

SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 554 Transaction failed: Expected ';', got "name"


I believe the issue is either with the formatting of the email with the backup attached not being sent correctly and Amazon is blocking it, or with the name/mime type of the backup file attachment being rejected by Amazon.  My UTM config used the same relay and never had issues with attachments or backup emails being sent.  I dont believe there is a way to rename the backup file attachment (Please correct me if I am wrong).  Does anyone know if there is something I can do to make this work or will Sophos have to fix the way they format the backup emails or the attachment names to accommodate this.




  • Hi  

    I think it is possible that Amazon is blocking this backup file because it is encrypted. Could you please check on your MTA, if you have block rule for encrypted files? 


  • In reply to H_Patel:

    MTA is not blocking the encrypted attachment and Amazon also is not blocking it because its encrypted.  I configured notifications to route through local email server and send to my local email and it delivers fine.  I can forward that email with the same attachment and name through the Amazon SES and get it on my work email without issue.  Something is happening when the XG is sending it directly through Amazon SES that it gets rejected with the 554 transaction error.  All other notifications and emails are working fine.  It only happens when the XG sends the backup email through Amazon SES directly that there is an issue.