XG 18.0 how to block emails from specific domains

Is there a way to block all email from a specific domain or specific high level domain in XG v18.0 as there is in v16.1 thru v17.5?  The KB123275 article describes how this works for v16.1-v17.5 but does not relate to thee options in v18.  

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    Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 

    In order to block specific domain or sender email address, please navigate to PROTECT > Email > General Settings > Blocked senders and add sender domain or email address that you need to block.

    Note: Blocked email addresses can contain wildcarded email domains (like *@example.com) or email addresses. Note that emails from blocked email addresses will be rejected during SMTP.


  • In reply to H_Patel:

    That works for a specific domain, but is there a way to block a full high level domain?  Is the filtering simply a wildcard (*) or can regular expressions be used?

    I ask, as what works prior to v18 allows for more flexibility in what blocks messages.