SSL through XG to remote network behind an MPLS


I've been struggling with an issue for some time now, but cannot seem to find a straightforward way to get it to work properly. The thing is to get a SSL or IPsec remote user to connect to services behind an MPLS through an XG.

This is a scenario:

Head Office with XG in New York WAN GW is the XG

Branch Office with XG in London WAN GW is the XG

Both New York and London are connected through an MPLS on the LAN network ad reached through static routes on in New York and in London respectively.

User1 in NY connects to XG through SSL and gets default DHCP IP assigned in range

User1 in NY reaches devices on NY LAN OK.

User1 cannot reach London devices on London LAN

I’ve tried several configurations such as adding the SSL lease DHCP address range in NY to the London Network and vice-versa. I've also tried NATing the outgoing rule of the NY network going to London. Any brilliant mind with suggestions?