Email File Protection Excel Macro

Filtering Excel Macro Files (XLSM) does not work.

Created new file type category with extension "xlsm" and mime header "application/".

With system/template category filtering works, with custom not.

XG106w (SFOS 17.5.11 MR-11)

Is this a bug or config error? See screenshot of configuration. Thank you.


  • Hi  

    Did you mean when you use predefined templated the attachment is getting blocked but when you create customer file type it is not working as expected?

    Could you please share the Email Policy configuration screenshot?

    Did you check the log viewer for Email logs?

  • In reply to Keyur:

    Keyur, yes correct. This is the only smtp policy. It works (with predefined template) just replacing die file type category under file protection. This XG has pretty default configuration, kind of test environment. Thank you.