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V18 and whitelisting IP ranges

Does V18 still not know how to white list an IP range in the e-mail protection module?  This is a major problem for us.

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    Could you please let us know your issue in detail? It would help us to assist you better. Please share details and screenshot of configuration

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    I didn't think a screen shot would be necessary, because this was a known feature gap in version 17.  to recap: when creating an exception rule in the e-mail protection (anti-spam) module of exemptions form various tests, I can specify a list of domains / email address to whitelist ("*" or "").  Or I can specify a list of host definitions to exempt (or "white list") from the tests.  However, I cannot specify a network or range of addresses.


    For example, I have been asked to whitelist IP range through  This SHOULD be as simple as created a network definition of, then whitelisting it; nearly every other anti-spam tool on the planet has that ability.  Instead, I have to create 253 individual Host IP definitions and add them individually.

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    Please allow me some time to get this check and I will update you further.

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    Unfortunately, the requested feature is not available as of now and single IP host/Domain would be available to add, I would request you to upvote the feature request -