mails are blocked because of wrong Blacklist entries


it comes up more and more that the XG (SFOS 17.5.9 MR-9) blocks incoming emails: IP is blacklisted.

1: This is not true. I checked every "blacklist provider" I know. Never blacklisted.

2: How can I figure out, which blacklist this should be? There is no logfile for that. Is there any way to see SMTP commands in detail? So what is the feature provided in UTM with the SMTP proxy log where can analyze in detail. the Emails Log from XG provides less info than the Mail log within mail config.

3: In one case I figured out that UCEPROTECTL1 was the given provider. Is this a trustworthy blacklist provider where you need to pay for to get released?


thanks for any hints?

  • Hi GernotMeyer,

    In order to check which RBL server detected an IP as blacklisted IP, please put smtpd service in debug and review smtpd_main.log. If you could PM me the smtp_main.log in debug and sample email or sender/recipient address, I can help you find out about this RBL server.

    From SSH main menu type 5 and then 3 to access the Advanced shell.

    Use this command to put smtpd service in debug : service smtpd:debug -ds nosync

    Use same command to remove the service from debug mode.