v18 DKIM Verification Failing on Messages with Multiple Signatures



Anyone else seeing v18 failing DKIM verification with invalid DKIM signature for inbound messages that have multiple signatures?

Every e-mail with multiple signatures is sitting in quarantine as that's how I've configured the action for invalid DKIM signatures.

The DMARC RFC (rfc7489) suggests a Pass if any of the signatures is aligned and verifies.

Having to turn this check off as the messages sit in quarantine and no-one receives a quarantine digest e-mail (does quarantine digest even work?).

  • Hi ChrisKnight,

    Could you please provide smtpd_main logs in debug to investigate this issue. 

    You can use this command to put smtpd service in debug: service smtpd:debug -ds nosync

    Use same command to remove debug.