How to route certain e-mail addresses to different internal mail servers


We have the case that certain e-mail adresses from our domain needs to be routed to other internal mail servers (subsidiaries with same email domain but different mail servers). For this, we like to use MTA Mode with SMTP routing & scan policies (Sophos XG v18).


- e-mail addresses "" and "" should be routed to "sub1.mail-server.local"

- e-mail addresses "" and "" should be routed to "sub2.mail-server.local"

- all other e-mail addresses for domain "" should be routed to "mail-server.local"

Under"Email -> address group" we tried to create a group with the type "Email address/domain", and manual entered e-mail addresses in the "Email address(es)/domain(s)" field. But as soon as we use this address group for a SMTP routing & scan policy, it fails saving with the message "Can’t add SMTP Policy since "Protected domain" contains email addresses."

How is it possible to implement our scenario?