How do i remove a invisible source/hosts?

Simple Question,

how do i remove a invisible source/hosts entry in email policies?


  • Uhm....strange!

    Firmware version? Did you try with other browsers?

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    Chrome 79.0.3945.130

    Latest MS Edge Browser

    Is there any way to do this with the Shell?

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    Also, which firmware are you running on XG?

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    It`s XG 17.5.9

    I still Need to download the Export and browse the XML.

    But if i want to add the host  a second time i can´t find it anymore.


    First i added a FQDN Host for the exceiption, but the email/policiy didn´t Show me the FQDN Host (not visibile).
    So i removed the FQDN Host and entered it in the email/Police/exception Dialog...

    So it´s still not vissible...

    Maybe the FQDN Name is way to long?

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    Check the export file and let us know. Maybe you are exceeding the number of maximum characters. To be honest, I don not know the limitation number! Sorry about that!

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    source/host is in the Export file.

    Name length is 29 characters.

    But i have Sender adresses that have  33 Charachters and are still visible. 

     <ExceptionPolicy transactionid="">
        <Name>Office 365 - Exchange Online</Name>
      <Time transactionid="">

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    You can perform these steps:

    • remove the entry from the xml file
    • perform an XG backup, first
    • try to import the entry again
    • check if the entry disappears

    Let us know

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    I dont want to restore an exported XML file.
    I am not shure if this XG will survive such Methods.

    I could delete the comlete rule and later the FQDN hosts.
    But i´d rather like sophos to fix this.

    XG 17.5.9 has enough Bugs. 

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    I sent you a PM. The item could be removed via advanced shell through sql commands.

    Otherwise, open a ticket with support


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    i have a ticket open,
    but Sophos has not tested my problem.

    They asked some team members. And L2 think´s it´s some kind of config error.
    I should factory reset the XG and restore from backup.

    Happens ins MR9, MR10 and XG18 GA

  • I have this exact issue. 

    I wonder if it is caused by a name starting with dot ?   ie .EDU.AU and entry is *.EDU.AU


    As a side note, is there a way of white listing *.AU ?




    Running 17.5.10