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Hi I posted this in Sophos Ideas and wanted some opinions on it.  


Outlook Plugin to let users access quarantined emails instead of the portal

It would be nice if there was an outlook plugin/apple mail plugin that could communicate with the XG mail quarantine and list off what is in a users email quarantine inside of outlook without having to have a user login again. This way users would not have to access the portal using a web browser to control email. It could simply list what the emails info just as in portal and have a download to outlook option as well. It would seriously help with deploying an additional security measure, for example I currently have Office 365 security enabled, users get spam mail in a junk for and higher threat items are quarantined outside there control or have the attachments striped, either way they still can access the info from Outlook. To get them to switch now and have another login even though it is SSO will be a battle.

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    This does seem to be a nice idea but for this plug-in to work, it would require to access the user's quarantine digest. This configuration would be entirely different from what a user would normally configure for their Outlook Mail servers. So developers would have to somehow accommodate that in a way that Outlook Plug-in can read the quarantine digest (each XG would have a different address and each user/organization might need to configure it). Or maybe they have another way of doing this. 

    Having said that, I'll vote for this feature as it would be a really good option to have this. 

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    If they were using Azure Active Directory with SSO couldn't you just a use a token to access the same information as the webportal would?